In Argentina, the corner bakery is absolutely essential to daily life. Argentines eat bread and medialunas with cafe con leche for breakfast; empanadas, pasta, and ravioli for lunch or dinner; sandwiches de miga for special occasions (or for a quick bite); fresh bread with every meal; and, of course, sweets practically any time.

As an Argentine family of four living in northern New Jersey, we craved the excellent bakery foods we grew up with back home but could not find here. Out of our yearning came an idea: that we should open a true Argentine bakery. We hired a professional baker from Argentina and in 2007, we opened our doors.

We were not immediately successful. Making these foods the right way is not easy. It took years of learning and improvements before we felt truly happy with our bread and our empanadas. It took years of persistence and practice before our cakes and fracturas were coming out consistently right. There were many times when our family had to pull together and even fight the urge to give up.

The “secret” to our success has been to stick with top quality ingredients and to make our foods the old-fashioned way. For our pastry, we use only butter―no hydrogenated oils or shortenings. Each croissant and danish we make we roll out by hand. To produce the super soft bread for oursandwiches de miga, we bake enormous loaves, carefully shave off the crusts, and then make uniform slices with a special machine we brought by ship from Argentina. Naturally, the dulce de leche we use is also from Argentina.

We invite you to come try our foods. Whether only for a sweet or two, or to first have an empanada, a slice of Argentine quiche, or a lomito sandwich, come taste our hard work for yourself. We make many different cakes and pastry every day, and plenty of custom ordered occasion cakes as well.

While we are now confident in our cooking and baking skills, we never stop working on improvements. But we trust you will taste the difference here, because of the quality and craft that goes into every item we make.